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Restore Me

Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi is the latest installment in the Shatter Me series & it is a game changer. With no spoilers we find out more about our favourite protagonists. We see more of Warner’s past, we know more about Juliette, & we see what the fate of the nation will be. This will be a short review because well… I can’t say anything without spoiling the whole book. So please, bear with me.


Juliette is now the Supreme Commander of North America… yes, an 18 year old girl is now in charge of an entire continent… what could possibly go wrong?

Her and Warner have some massive things to discuss, Kenji gets flirty with some girl, & there are new characters introduced. Some of these new characters I’d like to punch, & I’m pretty sure Juliette would be right by my side too.

That’s it… Yeah, this book is hard to summarize without ruining.. sorry!


I’m going to give Restore Me a very abrasive 7/10 bullets.

For one thing, it was definitely the Juliette & Warner show. Not that I mind, these lovebirds are kind of adorable and very fun to read about… but not at the expense of the other characters. I definitely enjoyed the character development for these two. They both grew tremendously in this book, and I really loved seeing different sides to them… but c’mon other people are in this book too! I missed reading about James & Adam, even Kenji got cut short! I like this book, I really do, I just feel like it could’ve used 50 pages to talk about the other characters, at least a little bit!

As for the plot, it was… it was okay. I understood what was going on, it was developed and made sense… it just felt rushed. Yes, I know the takeover of a continent by a few teenagers happens pretty quickly, and the fallout happens even faster… but geez the ending flew by! I honestly just wish the book was a little longer, maybe with some calm places to rest too. It felt like it was page after page of gut wrenching tension that never ended! Which is alright in a horror book, but not for this!

Which speaking of the ending… I’m devastated & now waiting on the edge of my seat for the next book in the series. Which is great for book sales, but bad for my mental health! All in all I think this was a decent addition to the story line. The plot made sense, the characters were all there, & there were some great new faces that were introduced. I understand not every book in the series can be a winner (looking at you Goblet of Fire), and I understand that not every plot line will be my favourite. & that’s how I’d describe this book. It makes sense, it follows a plot, and it adds to the current story… woohoo. I just can’t wait to see what comes next!

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Ignite Me

This book was a damn roller coaster. Seriously, I can’t count how many times I went from happy to sad… to torn… to destroyed… to hopeful… to ecstatic… to worried… to just plain thrilled.

So, I do this thing where when I can’t handle a book I either lay it down gently or I throw it at the closest wall. & I’ll tell you this book was thrown at a wall a fair few times. But, this is a sign of greatness. A sign that the book is definitely making me feel something.


So this review is short & sweet & completely spoiler free 🙂

The war has come to an end, the dust has settled & we are left to see who made it out alive. Is Juliette still breathing? Is Warner still heartbroken & leader of sector 45? What about Adam & James? & we can’t forget the heroes of Omega Point. So many unanswered questions & so many people’s lives at stake.

After finding out who has lived & who hasn’t (no spoilers here) it’s time to form a plan to take down the Commander, AKA Warner’s dad.

Through a lot of drama, planning & hijinks our heroes are ready to go to battle again, but this time it’s for the entire nation. They have a better plan & they’re prepared to do whatever it takes to win. Continue reading “Ignite Me”

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Fracture Me (Shatter Me 2.5)

Fracture Me is the second novella in the Shatter Me series. This little book is told from Adam’s perspective after the war with Omega Point. In less than 100 pages you see Adam’s love & dedication for his family & how he’s handling that whole Juliette situation.

Fair Warning: This won’t be spoiler free, but I’ll bold words just before a sentence that contains one! 🙂


The battle between Omega Point & The Restablishment has begun. Adam, Kenji, Juliette, & all the others are ready to defend what they believe in. We see the battle rage from Adam’s POV & how Juliette acts outside of her own mind. Spoiler: Girl has a few quirks to her that I never thought about before. After Juliette & Adam have a … talk … things get a little strained. Now they’re headed into battle & Adam is torn between her & his brother James. Juliette has all of this massive power at her disposal, however, she’s never been in an actual fight to the death before. James is just a kid Adam is so desperately trying to protect from the world & all of its horrors. Seeing Adam have his heart torn between two difficult choices will keep you on the edge of your seat as this short story develops.   Continue reading “Fracture Me (Shatter Me 2.5)”

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Unravel Me

Unravel Me is the second book in the Shatter Me series by Tahreh Mafi & it’s got a lot going on. A secret underground compound, new allies, & possibly more people like Juliette… Not to mention the fact that we still have the Restablishment trying to thwart our heroes the only way they know how, destruction. A war is looming on the horizon, are you prepared?

The Summary

This will not be spoiler free, sorry! But I will bold before a spoiler pops up so look out!!

Juliette, Adam, James & Kenji have made it safely to the underground compound known as Omega Point. It’s a safe haven for those who want to fight against the rebellion & spoiler… those that are a little different like Juliette. So Jules isn’t a fluke or freak of nature, there are others that have abilities like her, only less lethal & killer.

Adam’s all healed up, James is enjoying a change of scenery & Kenji is hilarious & actually seems to know what he’s doing. Oh & spoiler… Warner’s still alive.

Continue reading “Unravel Me”

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Destroy Me (Shatter Me 1.5)

Destroy Me is a Shatter Me novella set in Warner’s POV. It’s less than 100 pages and certainly worth the read if you’re into the series. It’s a great insight as to how Warner feels after Juliette leaves & his thought process as to what to do next. Plus it explains why he’s so obsessed with her.

The Summary

BEWARE: This is not going to be spoiler free & I might just gush over Warner a little bit… Continue reading “Destroy Me (Shatter Me 1.5)”

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Shatter Me

I’d say this series is a little like the X-Men comics but written with prose and a love triangle. If you like poetic verses, very descriptive situations & words that feel like music, well you’ll like this. If poetry isn’t your thing & you can’t stand a love triangle… well you should move on.

Oh & just a heads up this is one of my favourite series to read over & over again, so I’m a little biased.

The Summary

Juliette is locked away in a prison for a crime she didn’t mean to commit. She’s not only a danger to society, but she’s a danger to anyone around her. It’s been more than half a year since she’s been locked up in prison, but she’s about to have her whole world changed.

A corrupt society, a war on the horizon, and hallways full of whisperings about powers & special abilities. Juliette is about to discover so much more about herself than she ever thought possible.

The Analysis

Personally, I love Tahreh Mafi’s writing style. I love the unfinished lines, the poetic descriptions & characters. She has a way of writing that makes the scenes jump out of the page & swirl around in the present. I love Juliette’s way of thinking & the way she notices all the little things.

I’m not too much a fan of the romance that builds, but can you blame me? It does feel a little forced & too rushed in the book. Almost like it’s a romance just because it’s a possibility, not because it’s actually there. But I have other friends that really like it so you can have your own opinions about it.

I’m rating Shatter Me a solid 8/10 crumpled notebooks. I really get lost in this book every time I come back to it & get hooked on the language & story. I’d say it’s for readers who like poetry, descriptive lines, and a story that has many different parts with some unanswered questions.

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Book Review: Shatter Me

One of my 2018 goals, along with reading as many new books as possible and catching up on popular authors I’ve regretfully ignored, is to re-read some titles I last read when I was in high school. Why this goal? Well, my reading tastes have changed a lot since high school. And there are a lot of titles I abandoned after a fit of negativity that I think I would like more now.

The Summary

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Juliette has “Rogue” powers (her touch kills people), and is in jail for it. Everything changes when a guy from her past is put in the cell with her.

Continue reading “Book Review: Shatter Me”