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Book Review: Kingdom of Ash

If you’ve been wondering where my reviews have been, know that they were missing because of this book. This book, clocking in at almost 1,000 pages, was a beast to get through.

The Summary

At this point there are so many characters and plot threads to get through that it would be impossible to completely describe the premise of this book with brevity. Truly though, if you are interested in this book you’ve already the previous six books. You know what’ll be happening at the start of this book. Aelin is held captive by Maeve. Rowan, Elide, Lorcan and Gavriel are searching for Aelin. Dorian is with Manon and is looking for the Wyrdkeys. Chaol is returning north with new allies. Aedion and Lysandra are on the front lines.

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Book Review: Catwoman Soulstealer

Maybe it’s because of Queen of Shadows. Maybe it’s because I still haven’t managed to enjoy A Court of Thorns and Roses enough to finish reading it. Maybe it’s bad Internet buzz, tainting my own opinions. Whatever the reason, however, I can say one thing for certain. I approach Sarah J. Maas books with caution, even though her hits far outnumber her misses in my eyes. And so, with that caution, I picked up this book. And somehow managed to be surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

The Summary

Like the other titles in the DC Icons series. Catwoman: Soulstealer focuses on a famed DC comic character in her youth. Unlike the other DC Icons titles, this one does not a character that fits under the name of Soulstealer. Wonder Woman had a Warbringer. Batman had Nightwalkers. Where is the literal Soulstealer?
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A Court of Frost and Starlight

A Court of Frost and Starlight is a short little book added to the popular Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas. This book is adorable, yes I said it adorable! I personally find this book to be a perfect little day read that can hold readers over until the next big book in the series drops. So let’s jump into the summary, without spoilers of course 🙂


The gang is all here! Feyre, Rhysand, Morrigan, Elain, Amren, Cassian, Azriel, and yes, even Nesta are all getting ready to celebrate the Winter Solstice. This is their first real holiday as a family, battle worn, healing, and scarred, but a family none the less. What do they do in the Night Court for this celebration? What faerie magic will they witness? And the most pressing question, what is everyone getting for presents?! Well read the book if you want to find out!


This book threw me… figuratively… It would be a little worrisome if a hard-backed book could do anything really.

Firstly this book is a mere 324 pages… compared to the monsters of the series clocking in at 600+ & 900+ pages! So yes, it’s easy to get through in one sitting… which makes me sad because less pages equals less time reading about my favourite characters!

Besides the length I don’t dislike anything about this book. Honestly! The characters are back to their sassy and glorious selves. The scenery in the book is decadent and described as perfectly as ever. And there are some truly tender moments that definitely had some tears spilled over them.

I cannot fault this book for anything except cutting me short of a few hundred pages of my favourites, but that’s okay. The little excerpt in the back for her next book has me hyped and ready for more!

I’m giving A Court of Frost and Starlight a glorious 10/10 beautiful gowns. I enjoyed this book so much! It reminded me of the holiday specials thrown by the shows on television in the best way possible. It was like seeing the characters for who they are when the threat of war isn’t looming over their heads. It was so comforting and really drew me in to the whole scene. It might’ve even awoken a craving for some hot chocolate and peppermint bark too…

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A Court of Wings and Ruin

A Court of Wings and Ruin is the latest installment in Sarah J Maas’s popular faerie series. In this book we see even more new characters and their relationships flourish with our well-loved main group of heroes. With new insights into the villains and their goals, this is one where stress runs high & tension is thick on every page. This has been by far the most action-packed out of the three. With espionage, war games, and the final battle there was so much going on & I loved every second of it. Of course, there are moments where Mrs. Maas likes to pull at readers heartstrings with danger following some of their favourite characters, but that’s nothing new for most. And yes, the waterworks were in full force at the end, but again, that’s nothing new for me.

The Summary:

You’ll have to forgive me for such a short and vague section here. I really hate to spoil any moment in this book because there are just so many wonderful parts.

In the beginning, Feyre is playing spy at the Spring Court under everyone’s noses. There’s only some slight suspicion, but with the High Lord Tamlin infatuated with her, no one is able to show her sinister motives. Feyre turns the court upside down, showing Tamlin’s true nature to everyone who supports him.

After playing games at Spring Court Feyre finds herself in the safety and warm embrace of the Night Court. With her love and her family, she embraces her role as High Lady and weighs in on the war that no one can stop. Meetings and alliances roll by, battles rage and many deaths are mourned in the pages leading up to the final battleground. Our heroes will face the King on this final stage, with new armies and a few tricks up their sleeves. In the end are they able to defeat him and remain whole? Or will something worse than death befall them all? Continue reading “A Court of Wings and Ruin”

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A Court of Thorns and Roses

Beauty and the Beast, it’s a classic Disney story anyone who didn’t grow up under a rock like Patrick Star would know. But what if this time the Beast was a faerie… no not the Tinker Bell kind, although that would make for an interesting book. No, this faerie is a strong and handsome man with plenty of powers, including the power to make most readers swoon. And the Beauty is a girl who’s the right balance of tough and delicate. She cares deeply for her family, taught herself how to hunt and kill, oh and she’s got an appreciation for art. This is anything but a classic retelling of the same old story, no Stockholm syndrome here!

The Summary: spoiler free I promise 🙂

Humans and faeries don’t get along nowadays. Long ago they both signed a treaty of peace to end the fighting between their people. This agreement erected a towering wall between the faerie world, Prythian, and the human world. Feyre is a girl who lives on the human side of the wall. Her family went from riches to rags and now she’s the only thing keeping them alive. Dealing with two ungrateful sisters and a father who’s bound to a wheelchair, Feyre must hunt and kill in order for them to survive the winter. When she spots a gorgeous wolf out in the woods she decides to make it her prey. She soon realizes this wolf is actually a faerie in their animal form, and with her strong hatred towards anything of the fae kind, she readily kills it with an arrow made of ash.

After a long and arduous day of preserving the meat, selling the hide, and a filling dinner Feyre wants to do nothing more than shut her eyes and rest. That is until a giant wolf comes barreling through her families front door.  This giant wolf is another faerie, who was sort of besties with the faerie-wolf that Feyre murdered in cold blood. His name is Tamlin, and he is anything but thrilled about his friend’s death. Tamlin forces Feyre to choose between being murdered in front of her whole family or living out the rest of her human life in the faerie world of Prythian. Luckily for us, our main female lead decides on the latter and that’s where this story begins.

I’m going to be very vague from this point onwards because I actually want you all to enjoy the book without ruining the best parts for you. I’ll be omitting most characters and scenes to save the mystery 🙂

To say the least, Feyre is astounded and also a little scared by the fae lands of Prythian. Here the forests feel more alive, the food is divine, and even the sunsets seem brighter by comparison. But also in these forests the deadly and mysterious lesser faeries lurk, and they want nothing more than to make a human their lunch. Here Feyre spends her days, getting to know more about the fae people and about her gracious host. As they spend time together and Feyre starts to lessen her hatred of these “monsters”, and Tamlin and Feyre end up falling for each other. But a darkness has been brewing in Prythian and it threatens everything these two lovebirds hold dear. In a turn of events, it’s actually Feyre who ends up having to save the faeries from a dire fate. These challenges push her to her very limits; testing her strength, her ingenuity, and how much love she has for these people. I won’t say much about the ending except this: It’s gut-wrenching, it’s thrilling, and I totally cried. Continue reading “A Court of Thorns and Roses”

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Book Review: Tower of Dawn

Going into this book, I had weak expectations. While Throne of Glass is one of my favorite series, it has its ups and downs. Queen of Shadows was one of those downs, primarily because of what it did to Chaol…and that was the last time we saw Chaol. Empire of Storms had our entire central cast of characters, minus Chaol and Nesryn. And since I could barely stand poor Chaol last time I read about him, and wasn’t particularly fond of Nesryn, my hopes for this book were low.

I am so very pleased to say I was wrong. Tower of Dawn might just be my favorite book of the series. The only way I’ll know for sure is by re-reading the series…something I plan to do before the final book arrives.

The Summary

Chaol and Nesryn travel to the southern continent in hopes of convincing the Khagan royals to fight with Aelin & Dorian in the war against the Valg. Along with this mission, Chaol, as a now paralyzed man, hopes to find assistance from one of the healers at the legendary Torre Cesme. And the healer assigned to him happens to be Yrene Towers, a person Aelin helped during her assassin days. If you skipped over The Assassin’s Blade, you should go back and read that one before reading this. I haven’t finished The Assassin’s Blade, but fortunately did read far enough to know Yrene’s story. Continue reading “Book Review: Tower of Dawn”