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Book Review: The Hazel Wood

If this book is in fact adapted to film, I have high demands. It must start in black and white, and have dated costumes and lots of drinking and smoking and an excess of pressed suits and trench coats. If the pre-Hinterland action is styled to fit in with the rest of film noir history, then the adaptation is a failure. I don’t want it to be a failure. This eerie, film noir fairy tale book was impressive and unique and would make such a great movie if stylistically it is done accurately.

The Summary

Alice and her mother have been on the move their entire lives, cursed with bad luck hitting them at every place they live. When Alice’s grandmother dies, it seems like the curse may lift. After an unwelcome coffee shop visit from a deranged fan of a book Alice’s grandmother wrote, however, Alice isn’t so sure the curse is gone. Then her mother is kidnapped…by the very people her absentee grandmother once wrote about.

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