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Book Review: Muse of Nightmares

Though Strange the Dreamer is delight and sweetness and mystery, Muse of Nightmares is a different story altogether. It is dark and solemn and so, so heavy. Where Strange the Dreamer hinted at horror, Muse of Nightmares brings that out to the forefront. The book leaves a bitter taste, but not for lack of quality or investment. It’s just the nature of the story Laini Taylor is telling.

The Summary

Sarai is dead, now a ghost under Minya’s control. This changes everything. Instead of looking in fear at Weep, those around Minya hope to save it.

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Bookish Academy Award Tag

I’ve been wanting to do a book tag post for a few months, and thought this would be the perfect first one when I saw it at Step Into A Book World. You can check out Amber’s tag post here.

For the purposes of narrowing down my options for these categories, I only included books I read in 2017. And with the exception of one book, I did not to use any title more than once.

What do you think of my picks? Chime in with your thoughts in the comments, and try out the post on your blog!

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