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Book Review: Undying

Undying was always going to be at least a 4 star read. I’ve come to expect that much from Amie & Meagan. Even with that appraisal, however, I can’t help feeling disappointed.

The Summary

(Super big spoilers for Unearthed are in this review.)

Mia and Jules are trapped aboard the Undying ship, heading to Earth, with…the no-longer-dead Undyings. Who also happen to look very human. It’s a race against the warship to warn and hopefully save all of humanity from an alien invasion.

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Book Review: Obsidio

The Illuminae Files have been with me for only a short while, but it’s tough to think of any other time where a series ending felt so deserved of praise. Even the best series seem to fizzle out by the final book. Not Obsidio, though. Somehow it’s even better than the first two.

Warning: This review will have major spoilers for Illuminae and Gemina.

The Summary

The files take us back to Kerenza IV, where we read about Kady’s cousin Asha, and Asha’s long ago ex Rhys. We also read about Kady, Ezra, Hanna, Nik & company and the struggles they face while heading back to Kerenza IV.

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Bookish Academy Award Tag

I’ve been wanting to do a book tag post for a few months, and thought this would be the perfect first one when I saw it at Step Into A Book World. You can check out Amber’s tag post here.

For the purposes of narrowing down my options for these categories, I only included books I read in 2017. And with the exception of one book, I did not to use any title more than once.

What do you think of my picks? Chime in with your thoughts in the comments, and try out the post on your blog!

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Book Review: Unearthed (ARC)

Whenever I read a sci-fi book by Amie Kaufman and/or Meagan Spooner, it is somehow the best space opera I’ve ever read. First These Broken Stars (Amie & Meagan), then Illuminae (Amie & Jay Kristoff) and now this one. At this point, they’ve made it onto my must-read authors list. I will read anything they publish in the future, and plan to read all the other books they already published.

Since Unearthed will not be published until January 2018, this review will remain spoiler free.

The Summary

Years ago Earth intercepted a transmission from a group called the Undying. The message led Earth to find the planet Gaia, and with that discovery, new technology and hope for the slowly dying human race. Jules and Mia have different reasons for going to Gaia. One hopes to preserve the planet and find further meaning to the message sent by the Undying, and the other wants to scavenge the planet for profit. Though these goals juxtapose each other, Jules and Mia become reluctant allies. What follows is an Indiana Jones-like archeological adventure, full of twists I never saw coming. Continue reading “Book Review: Unearthed (ARC)”

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Book Review: Gemina

Though I certainly liked Gemina, it wasn’t quite as amazing as the first book in the series, Illuminae. One thing does go majorly in Gemina‘s favor, however: it is one of few books/movies I’ve encountered with a multiverse element that didn’t confuse me. And no, I don’t consider saying this book has a multiverse plot as a spoiler. If anything, I’ve helped you become more attentive to what may happen in this book…

The Summary

Gemina picks up right where Illuminae leaves off, though on a different location. This time we follow the story of Hanna and Nik on the jump station Heimdall. A BeiTech crew attacks the station, leaving Hanna and Nik two of few people left to defend the station. And, as you probably remember from Illuminae, Kady & Eli and the Hypatia are heading right toward Heimdall…

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Book Review: Illuminae

This book was on my radar for awhile before I actually picked it. Opening a book to find it full of IM text was a turn-off for my interest, but a coworker convinced me I should read it. I’m glad I did. What an amazing book!

The Summary

Illuminae compiles IM chats, video surveillance, computer coding, interviews and more to tell the aftermath of an attack on a secret mining installation from a rival megacorporation. Though a romance between Kady and Ezra is at the center of it, the book finds the time to hit every hit Hollywood genre ever known, without becoming cliched or annoying. Illuminae has population-threatening plague, attacks from a broken AI system, zombies (kind of), epic space battles and more. Continue reading “Book Review: Illuminae”