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And the Trees Crept In

I thought it was fitting to end then month of October with a truly scary book. And the Trees Crept In is a great example of a slow building horror. When I started reading this book I felt brave, I read it as the sun was setting, carrying on into the night with a lamp and some hot cocoa. By the middle of the book I was checking that my closet was empty, swearing every time there was a suspicious noise in my house & jumping at any notification from my phone. This book truly builds a sense of dread and creeping fear as it continues on, and I couldn’t love it more.

The Summary:

At the beginning Silla and Nori arrive at their aunts old manor house. Silla already thinks theres something amiss with the blood-colored building, but it could just be her imagination. Here the story picks up pace and starts to create a world full of all the classic horror elements: old house, dolls, dark woods, and a journal full of secrets. This story is split two ways: the main story of the girls in the old house, then sprinkled throughout the story are torn journal pages that start to explain why the siblings are there in the first place. The journal explains what happened to their family, their aunt, and the boy that appears from nowhere. The ending is shocking and unexpected, definitely throws readers for a loop, and helps to explain and tie everything into a neat little bow.  Continue reading “And the Trees Crept In”