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Ignite Me

This book was a damn roller coaster. Seriously, I can’t count how many times I went from happy to sad… to torn… to destroyed… to hopeful… to ecstatic… to worried… to just plain thrilled.

So, I do this thing where when I can’t handle a book I either lay it down gently or I throw it at the closest wall. & I’ll tell you this book was thrown at a wall a fair few times. But, this is a sign of greatness. A sign that the book is definitely making me feel something.


So this review is short & sweet & completely spoiler free 🙂

The war has come to an end, the dust has settled & we are left to see who made it out alive. Is Juliette still breathing? Is Warner still heartbroken & leader of sector 45? What about Adam & James? & we can’t forget the heroes of Omega Point. So many unanswered questions & so many people’s lives at stake.

After finding out who has lived & who hasn’t (no spoilers here) it’s time to form a plan to take down the Commander, AKA Warner’s dad.

Through a lot of drama, planning & hijinks our heroes are ready to go to battle again, but this time it’s for the entire nation. They have a better plan & they’re prepared to do whatever it takes to win. Continue reading “Ignite Me”

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Fracture Me (Shatter Me 2.5)

Fracture Me is the second novella in the Shatter Me series. This little book is told from Adam’s perspective after the war with Omega Point. In less than 100 pages you see Adam’s love & dedication for his family & how he’s handling that whole Juliette situation.

Fair Warning: This won’t be spoiler free, but I’ll bold words just before a sentence that contains one! 🙂


The battle between Omega Point & The Restablishment has begun. Adam, Kenji, Juliette, & all the others are ready to defend what they believe in. We see the battle rage from Adam’s POV & how Juliette acts outside of her own mind. Spoiler: Girl has a few quirks to her that I never thought about before. After Juliette & Adam have a … talk … things get a little strained. Now they’re headed into battle & Adam is torn between her & his brother James. Juliette has all of this massive power at her disposal, however, she’s never been in an actual fight to the death before. James is just a kid Adam is so desperately trying to protect from the world & all of its horrors. Seeing Adam have his heart torn between two difficult choices will keep you on the edge of your seat as this short story develops.   Continue reading “Fracture Me (Shatter Me 2.5)”

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Unravel Me

Unravel Me is the second book in the Shatter Me series by Tahreh Mafi & it’s got a lot going on. A secret underground compound, new allies, & possibly more people like Juliette… Not to mention the fact that we still have the Restablishment trying to thwart our heroes the only way they know how, destruction. A war is looming on the horizon, are you prepared?

The Summary

This will not be spoiler free, sorry! But I will bold before a spoiler pops up so look out!!

Juliette, Adam, James & Kenji have made it safely to the underground compound known as Omega Point. It’s a safe haven for those who want to fight against the rebellion & spoiler… those that are a little different like Juliette. So Jules isn’t a fluke or freak of nature, there are others that have abilities like her, only less lethal & killer.

Adam’s all healed up, James is enjoying a change of scenery & Kenji is hilarious & actually seems to know what he’s doing. Oh & spoiler… Warner’s still alive.

Continue reading “Unravel Me”

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Destroy Me (Shatter Me 1.5)

Destroy Me is a Shatter Me novella set in Warner’s POV. It’s less than 100 pages and certainly worth the read if you’re into the series. It’s a great insight as to how Warner feels after Juliette leaves & his thought process as to what to do next. Plus it explains why he’s so obsessed with her.

The Summary

BEWARE: This is not going to be spoiler free & I might just gush over Warner a little bit… Continue reading “Destroy Me (Shatter Me 1.5)”

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Shatter Me

I’d say this series is a little like the X-Men comics but written with prose and a love triangle. If you like poetic verses, very descriptive situations & words that feel like music, well you’ll like this. If poetry isn’t your thing & you can’t stand a love triangle… well you should move on.

Oh & just a heads up this is one of my favourite series to read over & over again, so I’m a little biased.

The Summary

Juliette is locked away in a prison for a crime she didn’t mean to commit. She’s not only a danger to society, but she’s a danger to anyone around her. It’s been more than half a year since she’s been locked up in prison, but she’s about to have her whole world changed.

A corrupt society, a war on the horizon, and hallways full of whisperings about powers & special abilities. Juliette is about to discover so much more about herself than she ever thought possible.

The Analysis

Personally, I love Tahreh Mafi’s writing style. I love the unfinished lines, the poetic descriptions & characters. She has a way of writing that makes the scenes jump out of the page & swirl around in the present. I love Juliette’s way of thinking & the way she notices all the little things.

I’m not too much a fan of the romance that builds, but can you blame me? It does feel a little forced & too rushed in the book. Almost like it’s a romance just because it’s a possibility, not because it’s actually there. But I have other friends that really like it so you can have your own opinions about it.

I’m rating Shatter Me a solid 8/10 crumpled notebooks. I really get lost in this book every time I come back to it & get hooked on the language & story. I’d say it’s for readers who like poetry, descriptive lines, and a story that has many different parts with some unanswered questions.

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Kiss Me in New York

December is the month made for hot chocolates, crackling fires, & watching the Christmas lights twinkle. A warm sweater and some fuzzy socks can make anyone feel cozy this time of year & this book is a great one to curl up with. It’s a quick little read that will leave you with a brighter Christmas spirit & a less heavy heart.

The Summary

It’s Christmas Eve at JFK in New York City.

Charlotte is a British student, waiting for a flight home after the worst semester of her life. Anthony is a native New Yorker, surprising his girlfriend at the airport after three months apart. Charlotte has just been dumped, and Anthony is about to be dumped, right in the middle of the holiday crowd.

Charlotte’s flight is canceled when a blizzard blows in, and Anthony can’t bear to go home. So, they set out into the city together, clutching a book Charlotte picks up in the airport gift shop: Ten Easy Steps for Getting Over Your Ex. For this one night, they’ll focus on healing their broken hearts … together.  (Summary taken directly from the book) Continue reading “Kiss Me in New York”

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The Night Circus

The Night Circus isn’t something that warrants a book review, because The Night Circus isn’t really a book at all. Sure it looks like a book, smells like a book & feels like a book. But it’s not… It’s an experience. The Night Circus takes the reader on a journey through time, it’s vivid descriptions and plot lines take everyone through twists and turns and it’s impossible to put down.

The Summary

Two old magicians are trying to settle a score, who has the better magic? Who can dazzle crowds and mystify audiences with a simple illusion? However, there is no illusion. These two are anything but charlatans, they’re the real deal. And now they’re trying to settle a life-long rivalry by pitting their two apprentices against each other.

Celia & Marco have trained to create. They can spin wonder from a simple spell, dazzle guests with a trick & they are always trying to top one another. The stage for all of these contests is perfect, the Night Circus. It’s mysterious where it came from because frankly no one knows. It just rolls into town unannounced under the cover of darkness & the next day, just as the sun starts to fall the tents appear. It’s the perfect place to test out their magic, because at the circus magic has the perfect home.

With a slew of amazing characters and a twist ending this story takes readers for a spin & they’ll suddenly start craving popcorn, candy floss, & a ticket to this circus.  Continue reading “The Night Circus”

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Devils and Thieves

Magically charged motorcycle gangs that have to solve a mystery… Well yes, this book has my full attention!

The Summary

Jemmie Carmichael is surrounded by magic, however Jemmie is an absolute mess when it comes to doing anything with her powers. She feels a little alone and out of place around everyone who takes to magic so easily.

Crowe is the leader of the Black Devils & he’s tough as nails, pretty sure he has them for breakfast every morning with a side of OJ. He has done everything and anything for his gang & he demands respect for all he’s done.

The annual festival of magic has come to town once again, but something is amiss… People from every motorcycle club are going missing, and no one knows anything. With rampaging fear and anger rising everyone starts to blame Crowe for what’s happening. It’s up to Jemmie & Crowe to solve the mystery, find those missing people, and clear Crowes name, before it’s too late.  Continue reading “Devils and Thieves”

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They Both Die at the End

Imagine a world where companies can predict the day you die. They have call centres that specialise in ringing people on their “Death Day” to let them know it’s the end. Oh, & they have an app where you can find someone else who shares your death day if you don’t want to go out alone. That’s the premise of They Both Die at the End & you guessed it, they both really do.

The Summary

This book is best read with the least amount of knowledge possible, and I absolutely refuse to spoil any of the heartbreaking scenes. Instead I’ll briefly talk about the characters & try not to get tears on my keyboard.

Mateo is a precious little angel who’s lived his entire life protected in his bubble. He’s terrified of the world around him, too scared to live his life to the fullest & when he gets the Death Day phone call his world comes crashing down around him. He feels like he’s lived too short of a life, and he has to do something about it, before it’s too late.

Rufus on the other hand, he’s lived by a completely different set of rules. He’s wild and untamed, live life on the edge & taken plenty of names… but he still has his own secrets and regrets too. He has such a great soul and a heart of freaking gold that makes him the perfect friend for Mateo on their Death Day. Maybe he can show Mateo what living is actually all about.

The Analysis

So I cried… a lot. This book has so many great moments & it really tugs at the heart strings. These two boys couldn’t be more different, & they couldn’t be more perfect for one another. I’m giving They Both Die at the End 9/10 angsty teen moments. It was almost perfect, and I mean that. The main boys were amazingly written, the minor characters around them had personality & were actually intriguing, and the whole premise of the world was fascinating, The only thing that bothered me was that it dragged a little in the middle. Maybe a little too long in parts, but beyond that I can’t complain about anything else!

This book and the world it creates gave me so many questions and had me looking deep inside myself & facing my fears on death & the world. Just imagine, you have 24 hours to live, & you’re aware of every single minute that passes. 24 hours to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, 24 hours to confess any hidden feelings & 24 hours to truly forgive anyone that has wronged you. 23 hours to read any books that are on your waiting list, 22 hours to spend with your pets telling them how much you’re going to miss them. 21 hours to research any and all religions and any philosophers words on death itself. 20 hours to listen to your favourite songs for the last time, 19 hours to look up all those places in the world you’ll never get a chance to see in person. 18 hours to debate buying a plane ticket or 5, 17 hours to spend chasing that wanderlust deep inside your bones. 16 hours to eat all of your favourite foods, 15 hours to visit places of your childhood, 14 hours to be nice to everyone you meet. 13 hours to watch some of your favourite movies and remember the first time you saw them, 12 hours to re-invent yourself with makeup or a fresh haircut you’ve always wanted to try. 11 hours to accomplish your new-years resolutions, 10 hours to spend wondering what comes next. 9 hours to read over text conversations and notes passed in school, 8 hours to look through photo-albums & 7 hours to cry about the memories you swore you’d never forget. 6 hours to pick out your dying outfit, 5 hours to change your mind & put something else on & 4 hours to change your mind again. 3 hours to tell everyone you care about that you love them again, 2 hours to debate if you want to be alone or with someone & 1 final hour to really see the world for how fragile it is.


This book is as inspiring as it is heart-breaking. They Both Die at the End begs the question, “What would you do on your last day?” … and your answers might just say more about you than you think.

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The Arsonist

I don’t think I knew what I was getting into when I started this book. I knew it had three POV’s, I knew there was something to do with fire, and I knew it might have a sad ending… But I wasn’t prepared for the depth and realness of this book. The plot is so interwoven, the characters are so complex, & the mystery is just brilliant.

The Summary

I’m going to summarize the main characters instead of the story, I want to leave everything that happens a mystery & let the book carry it’s own.

Molly Mavity is the daughter of the Arsonist, her father has committed terrible crimes and is sentenced to die on death row. Her mother committed suicide several years ago but Molly still thinks her mother is out there somewhere just waiting for her. Molly is definitely an outsider. She doesn’t bother trying to fit it, she just wants to be herself and if that means living the loner life so be it. Molly is so head strong and curious about everything & she goes to great lengths to find the answers she’s looking for.

Pepper is just an adorable sweetheart. His POV comes through a series of essays he has to write in order to graduate high school. Pepper lives with his father after they moved to the US from Kuwait, where his mother died after giving birth to him. He is epileptic and has a seizure dog called Bertrand, who is really pretty useless at everything, but he’s still great four-legged friend. Pepper’s life changes when Molly comes barging into it, but I’ll leave it a mystery whether it’s for the best or not.

Ava Dreyman is the third POV through her diary entries. Ava is a young girl living in East Berlin during the 1980s and she has constant strifes with her family, her love, and of course the government. Her diary entries are interesting and informative & they beg the reader to find out the connection between her and Molly & Pepper. The diary entries alone have their own mystery and allure, but they do fit into the book somehow.  Continue reading “The Arsonist”