From Michaela:

I’ve always wanted a book review blog, but never went beyond using my Goodreads account.

Why am I doing this now?

Well, during a job interview, I found out having any blog, whether it be personal or professional, is the best way of displaying my web skills to employers. And I guess all I needed was that final push to begin reviewing, because here I am.

For prior reviews, visit my Goodreads account. For reviews done for work, visit VBPL Recommends. And, finally, keep an eye out for posts on this specific blog! I plan to do a mix of news/speculation posts and reviews. My focus will likely be YA lit, but I’ll read other things along the way.

Have any questions? Leave a comment or contact me through Goodreads or Twitter!

From Lily:

I mean honestly… I just love books 🙂

I love reading reviews & sharing my thoughts on them! I like knowing if someone has the same favourite character I do, or if I share the same detest for a villain as someone else. Books can bring people together no matter their background, culture, race, religion, or the 20 million other things that define us. I love the process of articulating my thoughts & sharing them with the world, & having someone share their stance on a book is just lovely (even if we disagree!).

I’ve got a lot on my plate with school, work, & family so I’ll try to be as consistent as possible. I’ve chosen to do YA posts on Thursdays, usually on more current titles, & one Wednesday a month I’ll review a classic title. I adore both genres of literature & I look forward to finding some new favourites for my bookshelves.

If you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns please feel free to leave a comment on any of my posts, I’ll do my best to get back to you quickly 🙂