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Book Review: The Wicked King

Will this be my favorite book of 2019? We’ll see…

The Summary

For those who haven’t read The Cruel Prince, don’t read this review. Read the book instead. For those who already read it, the ending has been in the back of your mind for many months. I don’t need to catch you up with a summary because you already know. So here we go…

The Analysis

So. Much. Happens.

I find myself at a loss for words. Reading this was effortless. Somehow, Holly Black figured out a way to craft YA fantasy perfection. This series is my most recommended, as it’s hard to imagine anything topping it.

This go around, Jude has all the power and secrets. How does she wield it? All the while, tension burns between her and Cardan. Their chemistry carries the book from beginning to end, with moments that will have you positively melting from emotion.

It’s not as twisty as the first book, but it’s the rare sequel that doesn’t need to be. You’ll be wondering about the betrayal behind the scenes, but it doesn’t need to top the first book to elicit a reaction.

My heart completely belongs to this book, so much so that I cannot think of much else to say. It’s everything, so you must get to it ASAP, or else you are missing out on something really special.

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