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Book Review: Undying

Undying was always going to be at least a 4 star read. I’ve come to expect that much from Amie & Meagan. Even with that appraisal, however, I can’t help feeling disappointed.

The Summary

(Super big spoilers for Unearthed are in this review.)

Mia and Jules are trapped aboard the Undying ship, heading to Earth, with…the no-longer-dead Undyings. Who also happen to look very human. It’s a race against the warship to warn and hopefully save all of humanity from an alien invasion.

The Analysis

The best part of the first book was the mystery, and the mystery of the puzzles Jules and Mia needed to solve. There is mystery in this book too, but most is predictable enough that you’ll guess it long before all is revealed. And so, for me, this book fizzled. It has strengths, but it didn’t meet the standard set by the first book.

Where the book loses out, it makes up for it with speed, a dash of romance and a cool backstory.

Less experienced authors would stretch this series out for three or more books. As a duology, the authors set the perfect length for this story. It moves at just the right pace, with just the right amount of action

The will they, won’t they of Jules and Mia’s relationship simmers for most of the book, at no cost to the story. It doesn’t feel ill-timed in the face of many probable deaths, either.

The history of this world is really interesting, and sets a good example in showing how faulty memory becomes over time. Though distinctly sci-fi, the history of this Earth feels like something that could happen to our Earth. This adds to the experience.

If you loved Unearthed, this is a must-read. But if you are looking for a pitch-perfect follow-up, prepare for a slight disappointment toward this otherwise strong book.

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