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Book Review: An Assassin’s Guide to Love and Treason

As I near the end of the year, several books shy of my reading challenge goal, I am happy I picked up such a winner of a book. It’s been a mixed year in my ability to read–several hiatuses included–though it was not for a lack of quality books. Between this and my next read (Spinning Silver) that I hope to read before the end of the year, my 2018 reading time is sure to end with a bang and not a fizzle.

The Summary

This book isn’t a retelling of Twelfth Night so much as it is inspired by it, but I would consider it a retelling all the same. In this book, learn how Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is used to snuff out a rebellion against the Queen in this alternate version of Elizabethan England.

The Analysis

I came for the Shakespeare and stayed for the espionage and cleverness. This book is sure to delight pureblood Ravenclaws with its depictions of secret codes, intricate assassination plots and general super-spy sneakiness.

The book has two narrators, Kit/Katherine and the rare YA male narrator, Toby. Both voices are unique, and both characters undeniably sneaky. The romance burns unexpectedly, as Kit is disguised as a boy for most of the book. (Usually this kind of disguise and its implication for a character’s sexuality is glossed over in Shakespeare romantic-comedies, but in Assassin’s Guide Toby is clearly bisexual so it’s not skipped over whatsoever…Toby likes Kit even after discovering her true identity.)

I fortunately refrained from skipping to the end (something I am frequently guilty of) and so I found it unexpected, making the journey so much more of a thrill.

This book, though not comedic, is great fun and was truly a joy to read. If the premise sounds interesting to you, pick it up now!

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