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Book Review: Kingdom of Ash

If you’ve been wondering where my reviews have been, know that they were missing because of this book. This book, clocking in at almost 1,000 pages, was a beast to get through.

The Summary

At this point there are so many characters and plot threads to get through that it would be impossible to completely describe the premise of this book with brevity. Truly though, if you are interested in this book you’ve already the previous six books. You know what’ll be happening at the start of this book. Aelin is held captive by Maeve. Rowan, Elide, Lorcan and Gavriel are searching for Aelin. Dorian is with Manon and is looking for the Wyrdkeys. Chaol is returning north with new allies. Aedion and Lysandra are on the front lines.

The Analysis

I enjoyed many aspects of this book, and for the most part it provides a satisfying end to the series. But it did take me almost a month to read for a reason. Did it need to be this long? Definitely not. And despite being so long, it didn’t focus at all on what it should have.

The strength of the earlier books in this series came with a heightened focus on individual characters. This is why Tower of Dawn was such a treat…it felt like a book from earlier in the series because it only three central characters/narrators. Kingdom of Ash, like many others in the series, had too many narrators.

And, as always, the character most disadvantaged by too many narrators is Aelin, the main character. Aelin’s POV while captive is a highlight of this book. Once (spoiler alert) she is rescued, her POV almost ceases to exist. Aelin’s narration has been cast aside on multiple occasions in this series, all in the name of saving a few twists for the end. The result is Aelin becomes less relatable to the reader. I’m supposed to care about her because other characters tell me to. I enjoyed, however, her character more when her voice was prominent. I want to hear her voice more than I want a plot twist!

All this complaining may make you believe I didn’t enjoy this book. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The battle scenes are great and the cast is solid, despite how expansive it is.

There is a lot more I want to talk about, but though I usually don’t shy away from dropping spoilers, this is a long expected finale to a highly popular YA fantasy series. I’ll refrain from sharing spoilers for now…!

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