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Book Review: An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Though a bit of a drag in some parts, it is undeniable that this book had a grip on me. In part this is due to the unique premise, and the tantalizing memory surrounding it, but also because the narrative voice is strong and different and mesmerizing.

The Summary

April May notices a peculiar statue during a late night journey home in NYC. She calls up her friend Andy to film her analyzing this statue, that she believes to be an art installation. This video leads to overnight viral fame. The statue April dubs “Carl,” is not just in NYC, but in dozens of cities throughout the world. And April might have made first contact…

The Analysis

The mystery in this book was always two steps ahead of me, and beyond what I expected from the already interesting premise. Worst yet is that it remains entirely unsolved. I was expecting a standalone, but the book leaves many loose threads.

The narration comes with a unique reflective point of view. We don’t learn anything before April tells us, but this story is clear in her past. And she is telling us…from when? The narration itself, in retrospect, is a bit of foreshadowing to the ending. April is entirely flawed, but aware of her shortcomings, and therefore making the book all the more interesting with her regret for moments past.

Where the book loses me is the expansiveness of it all. A story like this would have a lot of moving parts, and therefore a lot of characters, but this isn’t successfully pulled off in all moments.

That aside, this book was certainly high caliber of work. And when the sequel does come, assuming I am right that one is in the works, I will certainly try to pick it up as soon as I can.

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