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Book Review: The Way You Make Me Feel

If you compressed a million bursts of sunshine into a food truck, you get this book. That probably sounds like nonsense, but this book was an entirely new experience. I didn’t like it for any reason other than that it made me laugh, and it made me happy. Sometimes that’s all you need from a book.

The Summary

After she takes a prom night prank too far, Clara is stuck working on her father’s food truck all summer with her archnemesis. That means no summer days by the pool, or overseas vacation away with her mother. Worst. Summer. Ever.

The Analysis

A few pages in, I knew I would love it. Clara’s response to the gag prom court nomination? Golden. I was laughing harder than I ever do when reading. Better yet, there were several more moments like it. YA books are many great things, but funny is rarely a trait I use to describe them…at least in the ones I decide to read. But this book was FUNNY.

This book is also GOALS for so many things. Goals for building a friendship with an archnemesis. Goals for adorable romance. And, most surprisingly, goals for parenting. Name five other YA books with a not only a prominent parental figure, but one who is a positive parental figure at that. I bet you had to think about it for a bit, if you were even able to come up with five at all.

The Way You Make Me Feel, by all efforts of packaging and marketing, is an adorable summer romance. It’s certainly a lot more than a meet cute story, but I’d be dropping the ball if I didn’t shout out Hamlet for being an A-list high school boyfriend. He’s perfect, and maybe that isn’t your thing in books, but it felt exactly for this story. And, really, if you didn’t dig common rom-com tropes, why would you pick up this book anyways? If you feel critical of this book, it probably isn’t your genre because, truly, this book is rom-com perfection.

Lastly, the book is driven by the power of female friendship. The most absurd incident forces Clara and Rose into a situation where they must begrudgingly grow to like each other. It’s an awkward friendship, but is exactly right for the two involved.

If you like contemporary titles like Foolish Hearts, or To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, you’ve already taken too long to decide to read this book as well. Get it from your bookstore or library now; it’s a must-read.

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