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Book Review: Kill the Farm Boy

What a disappointing book.

The Summary

Like many tales before it, a farm boy unlike any other is picked from the masses to be the next Chosen One. Spoilers follow in this review…

The Analysis

Credit is due where credit is due. Within a few chapters, the Chosen One was killed. Death by someone falling on top of him. That unexpected twist was worth reading the book, even if the rest was bad.

Comparisons to The Princess Bride are all it takes to get me to read a book. In some regard, I get the comparisons. This book is a fantasy parody through and through. There are two kinds of parodies in this world: those that are clever, and those so bonkers they come off more as mockery than anything else. I much prefer the former. This one is the latter.

It manages a few good bits: unexpectedly killing the Chosen One. Making the Chosen One a goat instead. Making a goat the main character. I also appreciated the obsession with cheese.

But that’s about it. Kill the Farm Boy is an off-kilter fantasy world where everybody makes jokes about poop and other bodily fluids. It’s fine the first few times. It gets old after about 5 of the 1000 mentions of the word pooboy.

That’s about all I have to say about it.

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