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(Bonus) Book Review: See All the Stars

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

For a book where not much happens, I suppose it was decently interesting.

The Summary

In a Now/Then narrative format, readers watch as Ellory’s life falls to pieces. Then: Ellory meets Matthias, falls in love, and sees her life change forever. Now: Ellory returns to school, forced to face a painful past.

The Analysis

The format of the book was distracting; a first and second half of a story told side by side. The only reason it’s told that way is because the “Now” wouldn’t be interesting enough on its own. It’s a slow ticking plot waiting for “Then” to reach the big reveal(s).

And those reveals? Not entirely expected, but predictable in the end. If I read another book in my lifetime with a reveal like that (you know the one), it will be too soon. In attempting to be shocking, the book treks down frequently tried plot points. It didn’t impress.

For all the flaws in this story, it did pull together some interesting bits about the unhealthy relationships. The sneaky details hinting at one of the big reveals were pretty clever. And for all that didn’t impress, I did find myself engaged enough to finish reading the book.

All in all, it was a mediocre experience…but decent enough that I would pick up a book like it again.

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