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Book Review: Siege and Storm

Siege & Storm gets all the stars for two things. The first being that it introduced me to Nikolai, and the second being that the ending is AMAZING.

The Summary

Mal and Alina are on the run from the Darkling, who not only survived the incident at the Shadow Fold, but also developed new powers in the process. Alina once again finds herself back in Ravka, navigating what remains of the courts and the Grisha after Shadow & Bone.

The Analysis

I’ve heard of Nikolai before. And because I did, I knew exactly when I first met him, even though he was going by a different name I’d never heard before. The hype about Nikolai is for real. I rarely meet characters that I just instantly *adore*. Throughout the rest of 2018 I plan to finish the much-beloved Grishaverse titles. I’ll be reviewing Ruin & Rising later this week, and Crooked Kingdom & Language of Thorns later in the fall. Once I finish up, I’ll be READY for King of Scars. I rarely preorder, but that one is getting preordered!

Nikolai was a perfect new character; thank God Leigh didn’t go through with her original plan to kill him off.

This book doesn’t move at the breathtaking speed of Shadow & Bone. It’s a bit slower, and disappointly, has a lot of the same stuff happen as in the first title but with different characters. Despite this repetitive feeling, I still loved the book.

Then there’s that ending. What an ending! My eyes were wide. There were a few gasps of shock. Leigh Bardugo knows how to write a plot twist action sequence.

It’s hard to review a middle book, especially when reading the middle book was immediately followed by a reading of the final book. I can still, however, bestow the highest of praise on Bardugo: she keeps this series consistently good. (Even the slower middle book is good!) I’ve loved every book I’ve read in the Grishaverse, and can only imagine myself love the rest just as much.

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