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Book Review: From Twinkle, with Love

Where From Twinkle nabs me as a fan is in its adorableness. This one is quite possibly the cutest YA book I’ve ever read, and I loved every bit of it.

The Summary

Twinkle partners with her crush’s twin brother to create a movie for a school film festival. Film geekery, high school drama and unexpected romance ensue.

The Analysis

Too often I think I fall in the trap of desiring something “different.” And though From Twinkle certainly has “different,” mainly in its well-rounded, diverse cast, and the unique epistolary format, the plot is so familiar I swear I’ve read it before. And yet, for once, I didn’t care. From Twinkle is a familar story…the kind of 90s teen rom-coms. It’s also pretty predictable. Despite that, it’s so funny and adorkable/adorable that I didn’t care about the familiarity. It felt new without actually being new.

Twinkle is a great heroine. She’s strong, but timid; this is one of the books created for the character. This book exists to watch Twinkle grow. Everything that happens furthers her role within the story. Twinkle is quirky, smart and talented. And though she has some unflattering moments, I loved her every step of the way.

The side characters are great. There’s crush #1, Neil. There’s the actual love interest, Sahil. (I don’t consider that a spoiler…anyone who thinks Twinkle isn’t going to end up with Sahil knows nothing about rom-coms!) Maddie, her on again, off again BFF adds some interesting drama to the mix. And, best of all, these kids don’t at all feel too mature to be teens. That seems to be an issue with a lot of YA books…even ones taking place predominantly at a high school. The teen don’t act like teens in many YA books. They do in this one.

Beyond the characters, you can enjoy this book for funny film allusions, generally funny-ness altogether, and an awkward but great teen romance(s). Twinkle has multiple admirers in this book, and it is so fun to watch.

If you like contemporary, adorable, “light” in tone, romance-heavy YA books…this is a must read. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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