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Restore Me

Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi is the latest installment in the Shatter Me series & it is a game changer. With no spoilers we find out more about our favourite protagonists. We see more of Warner’s past, we know more about Juliette, & we see what the fate of the nation will be. This will be a short review because well… I can’t say anything without spoiling the whole book. So please, bear with me.


Juliette is now the Supreme Commander of North America… yes, an 18 year old girl is now in charge of an entire continent… what could possibly go wrong?

Her and Warner have some massive things to discuss, Kenji gets flirty with some girl, & there are new characters introduced. Some of these new characters I’d like to punch, & I’m pretty sure Juliette would be right by my side too.

That’s it… Yeah, this book is hard to summarize without ruining.. sorry!


I’m going to give Restore Me a very abrasive 7/10 bullets.

For one thing, it was definitely the Juliette & Warner show. Not that I mind, these lovebirds are kind of adorable and very fun to read about… but not at the expense of the other characters. I definitely enjoyed the character development for these two. They both grew tremendously in this book, and I really loved seeing different sides to them… but c’mon other people are in this book too! I missed reading about James & Adam, even Kenji got cut short! I like this book, I really do, I just feel like it could’ve used 50 pages to talk about the other characters, at least a little bit!

As for the plot, it was… it was okay. I understood what was going on, it was developed and made sense… it just felt rushed. Yes, I know the takeover of a continent by a few teenagers happens pretty quickly, and the fallout happens even faster… but geez the ending flew by! I honestly just wish the book was a little longer, maybe with some calm places to rest too. It felt like it was page after page of gut wrenching tension that never ended! Which is alright in a horror book, but not for this!

Which speaking of the ending… I’m devastated & now waiting on the edge of my seat for the next book in the series. Which is great for book sales, but bad for my mental health! All in all I think this was a decent addition to the story line. The plot made sense, the characters were all there, & there were some great new faces that were introduced. I understand not every book in the series can be a winner (looking at you Goblet of Fire), and I understand that not every plot line will be my favourite. & that’s how I’d describe this book. It makes sense, it follows a plot, and it adds to the current story… woohoo. I just can’t wait to see what comes next!

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