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Book Review: This Mortal Coil

After a few unplanned weeks off from reading/blogging I am back! Life has been busy. Also, so is this book. It is a wild roller coaster from beginning to end…

The Summary

When a soldier from an enemy organization called Cartaxus finds Catarina, bringing a message from her now dead father, Cat is pulled into a plan to decode and release a vaccine to the world to stop the killer Hydra virus.

The Analysis

This book is wild.

Like, so wild that at one point I randomly thought, “wouldn’t it be crazy if this happened?” only for that craziness to actually happen! I actually guessed one of the big twists??? This book had many twists…twists are kind of a YA trend these days…but the twists in This Mortal Coil are smarter and more surprisingly believable than most (even though they are pretty wild).

This is a science fiction story for the kind of person who wants actual science in their science fiction. There’s lots of talk coding, as well as on genetics, DNA and the human genome. It’s a good brush-up on basic public school biology. It’s also something I really enjoyed about this book. Give me more YA with legit science, please.

The Hydra virus in this book is unlike any contagion I’ve ever seen in a movie or read in a book. It provokes the animal instincts hidden beneath our humanity, and involves explosions. (It’s an evaluation on humanity as a whole, but also has some weird, creative aspects.)

Amidst all the intellectual stuff, the book also has a surprisingly good romance. And good relationship building! It’s also not entirely predictable either. For the longest time I thought there were multiple directions it could go in.

This Mortal Coil is an intelligent read, a serious read, and a fast read. If any of those “types” are of appeal, you should definitely pick up this book.

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