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Book Review: An Enchantment of Ravens

My reading patterns seem to go in waves. I’ll read a string of books I don’t like, or feel ‘meh’ about. Then I’ll go through several books in a row that I absolutely love. It’s a constant back and forth. And right now I happen to be, gloriously, in the latter pattern. Today’s review is for a book I expected to enjoy, though not at this level. It had an effect on me for oh-so-surprising a reason: An Enchantment of Ravens is, amidst all it’s beauty, is an uncomplicated, simple story.

The Summary

When Isobel unknowingly commits treachery against a High Faerie by painting sorrow, a human quality, into his eyes, she is taken from her life in Whimsy to answer to her crime in court.

The Analysis

This book, at its core, is two things: an adventure, and a romance. Or both together: a romantic adventure.

Faerie Prince Rook takes Isobel captive to bring her to court, but the journey to the destination is hardly easy. The Wild Hunt chases them down, always keeping them on their toes. An unfortunate encounter with the Alder King also leaves Rook horribly injured, and forces Rook and Isobel to come up with a new plan of action.

In another book, I may not have gone for the Rook x Isobel romance. It’s an enemies to lovers situation (though more lowkey), which is my favorite type of romance. Despite this, however, I have to admit the ~feelings~ in this book progress super fast. Unlike so many similar books before it, however, the author so flawlessly writes the chemistry between these two that it practically radiates off the pages. There is one scene in particular, shortly after an incident with a magicked rabbit, that was so powerfully written I had goosebumps as I read it. And that scene didn’t even have the standard romantic stuff, like kissing or whatever. This book is strong in many regards, but is most strong for the amazing romance.

The plot moves quickly and effectively. There are many twists, though none so shocking I was left speechless. The ending is lovely. The characters, including the unlikable ones, where so peculiar and interesting. Isobel has twin goat sisters and I love them. The attention to craft (arts) is so wonderfully detailed.

An Enchantment of Ravens, though in line with standard faerie world building rules, is an odd and unique book with an electric romance. For those reasons, as I closed this book, I couldn’t help but feel contentment. It’s a lovely book and totally worth the read.

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