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Book Review: Wires and Nerve, Vol. 2

After reading Winter, I couldn’t imagine a continuation of the series. It has a happy ending! Why would I want anything else? Only the series kept continuing. First it was Stars Above (which I still need to read), though that only partly counts…most of that was short stories already available to the public. Then they announced a graphic novel series about Iko. Once again: why do I need anything else? Since I am essentially an avid Marissa Meyer fan now, however, I picked up Wires & Nerve Vol. 1. And loved it! Then I picked up vol. 2 and loved that as well. One thing is for sure: I was wrong. I did need more, even if I didn’t know it. I’m also so, so sad it is over.

(This review is sort of spoiler-y.)

The Summary

It picks up right where the last novel left off. Alpha Lysander Steele is on a mission against Cinder because he believes she refuses to return the bio-engineered soldiers to their former selves. Everyone returns for the finale: Cinder, Kai, Scarlet, Wolf, Cress, Thorne, Winter, Jacin, Iko, Kinney and more…

The Analysis

I cried.

That’s all I can really say about the ending. If there is any doubt, remember that, after all, these books are science fiction fairy tale adaptations. It had a satisfying ending, and I cried because nothing makes a person cry more than seeing a beautiful, happy ending.

The most surprising thing to me about Wires & Nerve is that it tied up loose ends I didn’t even know were there after Winter. The conflict with Levana’s former army is absolutely something left hanging at the end of the series, and that needed a resolution before our characters could find peace. I didn’t think about this possibility until reading Wires & Nerve, but addressing it definitely brings more closure than I imagined possible.

Beyond the details of the over-arching Lunar Chronicles plot threads, its also necessary to discuss Iko. These are, after all, her books. She doesn’t quite get a personal fairy tale retelling, or even a true romance, but she is just as important as any of the characters who do get those things. Wires and Nerve, Vol. 2 in particular, is Iko’s coming of age story. We see her come into her own as a valued member of not just the Rampion Crew, but also of society in general. (Her brilliance and badassery saves the day on more than one occasion.) A lot of her development is shown through her semi, sort of vaguely romantic connection with Kinney. Though Kinney is not really a leading man in the way of Kai, Wolf, Thorne and Jacin before him, he is the closest person we get to having that figure in Iko’s story.

Though I am talking about Wires and Nerve as a collective book (and not just specifically Vol. 2), I think I can really say that Vol. 2 is the stronger, and more prominent of the two in advancing Iko’s story, and the story of the rest of the Rampion Crew.

My only regret is that, after so many years, this may be the true end of the Lunar Chronicles. The series remained consistent wonderful from beginning to end, and will always be a series to highlight in the YA world no matter how many years go by.

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