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Fracture Me (Shatter Me 2.5)

Fracture Me is the second novella in the Shatter Me series. This little book is told from Adam’s perspective after the war with Omega Point. In less than 100 pages you see Adam’s love & dedication for his family & how he’s handling that whole Juliette situation.

Fair Warning: This won’t be spoiler free, but I’ll bold words just before a sentence that contains one! 🙂


The battle between Omega Point & The Restablishment has begun. Adam, Kenji, Juliette, & all the others are ready to defend what they believe in. We see the battle rage from Adam’s POV & how Juliette acts outside of her own mind. Spoiler: Girl has a few quirks to her that I never thought about before. After Juliette & Adam have a … talk … things get a little strained. Now they’re headed into battle & Adam is torn between her & his brother James. Juliette has all of this massive power at her disposal, however, she’s never been in an actual fight to the death before. James is just a kid Adam is so desperately trying to protect from the world & all of its horrors. Seeing Adam have his heart torn between two difficult choices will keep you on the edge of your seat as this short story develops.  


So… Adam isn’t a total cliché. I’ll admit, he definitely gains some personality in this book. In this, I really loved Adam & Jame’s family connection. Their love for each other was so pure & refreshing, it honestly reminded me of my favourite duo Sam & Dean Winchester from Supernatural. (but a lot less bloody & whisky filled) James is a precious little dude that needs to be protected at all costs, & I can totally see Adam going all “momma bear” on anyone that even looks at his brother the wrong way. Adam really has a heart of gold when it comes to James. He jokes around with him, listens to him & really understands everything that kid talks about. Spoiler: That moment when Adam relates James to more of a son than a brother hit me hard, I was a mess!

I also liked seeing the way Adam thought of Juliette after everything that happened. He was forced to prioritize his decisions & catalogue people by importance. I respect anyone who puts family above all, it really speaks true to what I stand for. However I do extend the word family to encompass friends, I’ve just got a lot of siblings who have different DNA…

I give this novella a solid 7/10. I liked seeing Adam in a new light & seeing what he defines himself by. Adam is a really caring and sweet guy, I can respect his character for the priorities he has. However, I still don’t adore the guy… he’s just alright.

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