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Unravel Me

Unravel Me is the second book in the Shatter Me series by Tahreh Mafi & it’s got a lot going on. A secret underground compound, new allies, & possibly more people like Juliette… Not to mention the fact that we still have the Restablishment trying to thwart our heroes the only way they know how, destruction. A war is looming on the horizon, are you prepared?

The Summary

This will not be spoiler free, sorry! But I will bold before a spoiler pops up so look out!!

Juliette, Adam, James & Kenji have made it safely to the underground compound known as Omega Point. It’s a safe haven for those who want to fight against the rebellion & spoiler… those that are a little different like Juliette. So Jules isn’t a fluke or freak of nature, there are others that have abilities like her, only less lethal & killer.

Adam’s all healed up, James is enjoying a change of scenery & Kenji is hilarious & actually seems to know what he’s doing. Oh & spoiler… Warner’s still alive.

Now underground Juliette is training to learn her skills & really hone her abilities to peak performance. However, there are some roadblocks in the way.

  1. Impending war with the Restablishment is always on everyone’s minds.
  2. Training is a little harder than she thought it would be.
  3. There could be some trouble in the lovebirds’ paradise.

With plenty of more issues that arise can our favourite few stand a chance against this terrifying regime? Will Adam and Juliette remain together? Will the resistance at Omega Point survive this war? Will Kenji Kishimoto ever get a girlfriend?

Well, now you have to read to find out.

The Analysis

I will be rating this book a solid 9/10 gunshots.

Mrs.Mafi soars with her perfect diction & narration. Juliette’s thoughts are expressed with great detail & artistry. The surroundings and situations are described beautifully. I can feel the cold icy winds of winter & I can smell the stale air of the underground below.   Truly Mrs.Mafi knows what she’s doing with her writing style & I love it.

However, I will say I’m not a fan of Adam & Juliette. I know, I know, burn me at the stake for making such a horrible statement… but it’s true! I feel like their “love” is a product of convenience. Here are the two outcast kids that went to the same school, that never actually talked to each other or hung out at recess. The one person that can touch Juliette is, of course, the “protector” she had in high school… blah blah blah. I’m so bored with them! I just think their love is a little cliché & spoiler… to be quite honest I was a little happy when things fell apart for them.

If you liked the first book & the novella you’ll just fall more in love with the series with Unravel Me. It’s got a great storyline, great characters, & a great conflict. This series is so much more than just a “love triangle”. It’s got power, punch, and does so much more than the run-of-the-mill teenage dystopian novel.

If you don’t like poetic writing or you didn’t like the way the first book was written… well you’ll feel the same about this book. I still encourage you to read it, if only for the characters, but it’s okay! There’s still great series out there for you 🙂

2 thoughts on “Unravel Me

    1. I definitely would! I adore this series because it’s a great mix of fantasy, romance, & action.
      If you like series/books similar to “Delirium” & “Divergent” I think you’ll really enjoy them 🙂

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