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Destroy Me (Shatter Me 1.5)

Destroy Me is a Shatter Me novella set in Warner’s POV. It’s less than 100 pages and certainly worth the read if you’re into the series. It’s a great insight as to how Warner feels after Juliette leaves & his thought process as to what to do next. Plus it explains why he’s so obsessed with her.

The Summary

BEWARE: This is not going to be spoiler free & I might just gush over Warner a little bit…

So after Juliette makes her grand departure Warner has to recover. He’s sick, wounded, and a little embarrassed about the whole mess. What’s worse, he has to deal with the aftermath of looking like a weakling to his entire command. I don’t think Warner has ever looked weak in his entire career, so this is a new thing for his soldiers. Big Spoiler Here: His dad, the Supreme Commander, comes to see just what his son has messed up & is not happy about it at all. The guy is actually a total dick, and it shows why Warner is just so messed up in the head. Big Spoiler Here: An abusive father who tries to kill his son… that’s going to leave some lasting mental scars.

Warner then finds Juliette’s notebook & really starts to connect with everything Juliette has written down. I’m not one for an abuse of privacy, but I think it’s sweet how he practically falls in love with her all over again through her words. The ending scene is by far the cutest and saddest moment wrapped up together & it will definitely throw people for a loop, especially those that still hate Warner.

The Analysis

So… I, of course, like this book. I adore Warner, I adore getting into other characters heads, & I enjoy seeing what’s happening on a different side than the main story.

In my opinion, this solidified my love for Warner and had me hopeful of his & Juliette’s future. Warner may come off as a control freak, a basket case, and unhinged all at once, but he’s got style. I love how obsessed he is with baths & his socks, it brings a new light to his character Shatter Me didn’t show. (Plus I now can’t unsee Warner walking into a Lush shop & buying a dozen bath bombs)

This little novella gets a solid 9/10 from me, I only wish it were longer. When I first read the Shatter Me series I didn’t know this existed & I really did miss out! This is a great addition to the main books & I think everyone who wants a little more from the series should pick it up. You can finish it in a day & you’ll get a better understanding of Warner & Juliette, what do you really have to lose?

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