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Book Review: Daughter of the Pirate King

Daughter of the Pirate King leaves an impression for two things: it’s somehow lighter and fluffier than most YA fantasy reads. And it has pirates. More YA pirate books would be really fun.

The Summary

Alosa, famed daughter of a self-appointed King of Pirates, is captured and contained aboard an enemy cargo ship. Or, at least, that is what she wants the pirates to think. In reality Alosa is there willingly, on behalf of her father, in search of part of a valuable map.

The Analysis

Read this book for Alosa. Though at times Alosa’s wit and skill is more convenient and out of nowhere, she does in fact hold together the pieces of this story. If nothing else, she is brilliantly funny, and that alone is worth the read. It makes up for the weakness in story, and in love interest.

The plot, for the most part, is an unending list of spontaneous, unexpected revelations. Some are due to Alosa as a semi-unreliable narrator, and others because the author has not developed her writing enough to be skillful with the reveals. One, at least, was not random. (SPOILERS) The Alosa-siren reveal was not surprising to me? I somehow pegged that one on my own by focusing on that bit of throwaway dialogue where the pirate king’s conquests are mentioned. Often I focus in on things that merely end up being unimportant, or intentional red herrings at best. This time I actually guessed something.

Complaints about plot development aside, I really feel like this series has the potential to go somewhere. I think if this author works enough at her craft, she could become really good. And I truly mean this–it’s not everyday that I am engaged in a stort via one character and her humor alone.

Riden is not a great love interest. He is boring and too easily singled out as “exceptional”. His bond with Alosa is more of tell instead of show development. If nothing else, he is a decent dude. Or, at least, as much a decent dude as you can expect a born and raised pirate to be.

It’s not a great book, and the sequel has a lot to do if it wants to impress me. Even so, I enjoyed it a lot. If you want some light-hearted laughs, or enjoy reading about pirates, you should pick up this book ASAP.

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