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Book Review: Shatter Me

One of my 2018 goals, along with reading as many new books as possible and catching up on popular authors I’ve regretfully ignored, is to re-read some titles I last read when I was in high school. Why this goal? Well, my reading tastes have changed a lot since high school. And there are a lot of titles I abandoned after a fit of negativity that I think I would like more now.

The Summary

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Juliette has “Rogue” powers (her touch kills people), and is in jail for it. Everything changes when a guy from her past is put in the cell with her.

The Analysis

To be fair, I didn’t re-read this one because I thought I would like it more. So really, I should have known I would be disappointed. (I did like this as a teen…but don’t like it now.) I only read this again for the reason I initially abandoned it: the romance. I expected to hate the book, but to be interested anyways because of the villain ship. Sadly, that wasn’t enough for me.

Shatter Me is a book with an eyerolling weak plot, filled with annoying conveniences and no upfront explanations. It goes from a prison story, to a runaway story, to an X-Men story with barely any logical connection between all plots. What I provide in the summary is about all that can be said. Juliette hates life, but her heart is at least sent a-flutter with the arrival of Adam. This was marketed as a hardcore dystopian book at the height of the YA dystopia phase, but really it’s a bland romance in disguise as a bland dystopian book.

Both sides of the pending love triangle are bad. Warner, though he has a weirdly appealing chemistry with Juliette, is also too irredeemingly evil and stalkerish in this book to justify a romance in the later books. Adam is overprotective to the point of annoyance, and has the equivalent personality of a cardboard box.

There is little I enjoyed about this second read-through. The writing style, though confusing at times, is at least unique. Beyond that, there’s not much to say. If I ever give the sequels a chance (and I probably won’t), it will be a long, long time before that happens.

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