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Favorite Books of 2017

I’m sure you are wondering…which books were my favorite 2017 reads? Well, read below to find out!

(This list is limited to books published in 2017 only.)

10. Leia, Princess of Alderaan

My love for The Last Jedi makes my enjoyment of this book all the more rewarding. It doesn’t provide much “necessary” background for the Star Wars universe, aside from establishing Leia and Amilyn as friends, but it was an unexpected treat in terms of character development. If you love Leia, this story from teen years will only make you love her more. Claudia Gray slays every Star Wars book she writes, and I hope to see a million more in the future.

9. Foolish Hearts

My review for this one won’t come until Friday, but I read it in time for my best of 2017 list. It’s not a book I would have picked on my own; it came to me via Owlcrate. But I loved it…particularly because I really identified with the thoughts and actions of the main character. This one hit close to home on a personal level. Furthermore, my unexpected love for this book proves that I should read more contemporary. I read mostly fantasy, but its the few contemporaries I read that consistently wow me.

8. Wires & Nerve

This’ll be the only book on the list I didn’t review for this blog. Despite that, it’s a real treat! Though Renegades showed Marissa Meyer isn’t a perfect writer, Wires & Nerve shows that she is one of the most versatile. I was thoroughly surprised at how well this short graphic novel continues the excellence of the Lunar Chronicles.

7. Before She Ignites

Was 2017 the year of the dragons? So many books–plus the return of Game of Thrones–put dragons at the forefront of pop culture. Plus, I joined a Dungeons & Dragons group. This year was all about dragons, and Before She Ignites is a powerful contribution to that trend. It may be an extended prison break story, but I love it all the same.

6. Tower of Dawn

My second favorite of the Throne of Glass series, second only to Crown of Midnight. Sarah J. Maas ruined Chaol in Queen of Shadows, but he returns as a more interesting character in Tower of Dawn. I’d been feel down about the series, but this one renewed my interest. It also returns to the mystery-feel of the early books of the series, something I both love and sorely missed.

5. Eliza and Her Monsters

In retrospect, it makes perfect sense that I would adore a book so focused on fandom and pop culture. Yet, my adoration for this book was a surprise. Beyond the excellent representation of online fan community, this one has a lot of great elements. It’s also one of the best portrayals of mental illness I’ve read in YA, second only to the book that comes next on this countdown.

4. Turtles All the Way Down

A new John Green book? I knew I would love it. I just didn’t know how much. For a shocking, accurate, poignant portrayal of a person with OCD, written by someone who suffers from OCD, pick up this book. The book is both disturbing and sweet, tense and calm. Once I picked it up, I couldn’t put the book down until I finished.

3. Warcross

My expectations for this book were to feel “meh.” Boy, was it a surprise. Warcross has some of the best action sequences I’ve read in any book. It also has an amazingly badass heroine, a beautifully diverse cast and so many shocking twists that I still felt that element of surprise during my second reading. I think its time I give Marie Lu’s previous books another chance.

2. Strange the Dreamer

Though I didn’t truly begin blogging for another few months after posting this, Strange the Dreamer is the book that inspired me to finally begin book blogging. It gripped me within seconds of beginning it. I haven’t loved Laini Taylor’s books in the past (though my love of this one makes me think another chance is in order for Daughter of Smoke and Bone) but I adore this one. The characters, the writing, the story…all beautiful. If it weren’t for my random selection of Midnight at the Electric, my intentional read of this book would have made it my favorite read of 2017.

1. Midnight at the Electric

I didn’t pick up this one because it interested me. I only got it because I saw it at the library, and I knew it was a new release, and I wanted to review new books as often as possible as I began blogging. So truly, my love for this book was brought by random chance. Never have I ever connected with a book so emotionally, with such longing. This isn’t just my favorite 2017 read. It’s my favorite book of all time. And no matter how I try, I can’t quite put my connection with this book to words. Read it. Then read it again and again. It’s not a book I wanted, but it became the one I needed. And I’ll never be quite the same because of it.

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