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The Night Circus

The Night Circus isn’t something that warrants a book review, because The Night Circus isn’t really a book at all. Sure it looks like a book, smells like a book & feels like a book. But it’s not… It’s an experience. The Night Circus takes the reader on a journey through time, it’s vivid descriptions and plot lines take everyone through twists and turns and it’s impossible to put down.

The Summary

Two old magicians are trying to settle a score, who has the better magic? Who can dazzle crowds and mystify audiences with a simple illusion? However, there is no illusion. These two are anything but charlatans, they’re the real deal. And now they’re trying to settle a life-long rivalry by pitting their two apprentices against each other.

Celia & Marco have trained to create. They can spin wonder from a simple spell, dazzle guests with a trick & they are always trying to top one another. The stage for all of these contests is perfect, the Night Circus. It’s mysterious where it came from because frankly no one knows. It just rolls into town unannounced under the cover of darkness & the next day, just as the sun starts to fall the tents appear. It’s the perfect place to test out their magic, because at the circus magic has the perfect home.

With a slew of amazing characters and a twist ending this story takes readers for a spin & they’ll suddenly start craving popcorn, candy floss, & a ticket to this circus. 

The Analysis

I’m rating The Night Circus an amazing 10/10 notebook pages. I love this book. There’s my review, its that simple! But of course I’ll elaborate for those who want more.

This book does have a lot that I love, & it also has a lot that some readers may hate. It has long descriptions that bring everything to life, it has multiple narrators and view points (15 separate POVs), there is a love story that slowly builds, there is no action or drama, & it has time jumps all over the place.

Now here’s why I love this entire thing.

I find it so rare when an author can write words that flow like music. To me this book feels like a orchestra leading me through the ups and downs of a symphony. I adore all of the descriptions because they aren’t normal. There aren’t any plain descriptions “her dress was red, her boots were black” no! “The woman wears a dress something akin to a bridal gown constructed for a ballerina, white and frothy and laced with black ribbons that flutter in the night air. Her legs are encased in striped stockings, her feet in tall black button-up boots.” These descriptions make you feel something, they make the reader capable of not only picturing the details but they can also smell, touch, and taste them.

The 15 different views all fit together beautifully and aren’t at all confusing. They flow right where the story takes them & it brings and interesting light to the story itself. Seeing how the different characters interact helps to make the world feel more real & it expands the circus setting into something more, something with more meaning.

Finally I love when a book is what it is, I love when a book doesn’t try to jam everything into 200 pages to please the audiences. There’s no need for pointless love triangles, random action sequences, and I absolutely detest when I can see the predictable ending from the first chapter. This book has none of those. There is one love story, no needless action, & with all of the different POVs & time jumps the ending is unpredictable in the best way possible.

For some this book might seem too complicated and not worth it, & that’s okay. I do believe this book is for a specific type of reader, one that likes to get lost in literary worlds & doesn’t mind not having specific main characters. I would like for everyone to read this book & love it as much as I do, but I know that’s just not possible. I would say read this if anything from above has peaked your interest, or read this if you want a world full of wonder and curious characters that can draw you away from the real world for a few hours.

Lily xx

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