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Book Review: Renegades

If any other author wrote this, I would have loved it more. With Marissa Meyer, however, I expect nothing less than perfection. So when she puts out a book that is good, but isn’t perfect…it’s more disappointing than reading a book that is actually bad.

The Summary

Renegades is yet another story following the superhero trend. This one provides two points of view: that of hero and Renegade, Adrian, and the villain and Anarchist, Nova. After a botched assassination attempt, Nova goes undercover as a new Renegade on Adrian’s team.

The Analysis

Renegades is more a comic book style story than a modern superhero movie. It has flashy costumes, cheesy secret identities, campy dialogue and a simplistic plot. There are interesting elements, but its overshadowed by the pizazz of it all.

I never truly got into the story. The Renegades vs. Anarchists conflict is highly underdeveloped. The individual character conflicts are hidden for most of the book, yet even when revealed, are only revealed partially. Secrets are understandable in the world of superheroes, but in this books the important secrets were hid too long. Some secrets were hidden long enough, it started to effect the comprehension of character conflict.

What did I like about Renegades? There’s a good, though not fully explored, ethical debate over what truly makes a hero/villain. Are all Renegades good? Are all Anarchists bad? The answer to both questions is no, and some of favorite characters in the book were “bad guys.” Hand in hand with this ethical debate came a lot of cool twists. (Except for that ending…I’m still not sure what happened??? What was with the last chapter???)

The romance, though again not fully explored, was sweet enough that I want to see more of it in the sequel. Sadly enough, however, this relationship is kind of doomed… Or, at least, there are a lot of obstacles and secrets to share ahead of the two being a couple.

Like I said before, this is the weakest of all Meyer’s books (and also the only I didn’t give 5 stars on Goodreads.) Meyer’s weak books, however, are still far stronger than the norm. It may be a disappointment coming from Meyer, but it’s still a fun book to read.

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