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Devils and Thieves

Magically charged motorcycle gangs that have to solve a mystery… Well yes, this book has my full attention!

The Summary

Jemmie Carmichael is surrounded by magic, however Jemmie is an absolute mess when it comes to doing anything with her powers. She feels a little alone and out of place around everyone who takes to magic so easily.

Crowe is the leader of the Black Devils & he’s tough as nails, pretty sure he has them for breakfast every morning with a side of OJ. He has done everything and anything for his gang & he demands respect for all he’s done.

The annual festival of magic has come to town once again, but something is amiss… People from every motorcycle club are going missing, and no one knows anything. With rampaging fear and anger rising everyone starts to blame Crowe for what’s happening. It’s up to Jemmie & Crowe to solve the mystery, find those missing people, and clear Crowes name, before it’s too late. 

The Analysis

I am rating this book 7/10 motorcycle engines. It was great… and it was annoying… let me explain.

The great:

The world itself is so jam packed full of information and imagination. All the different kinds of magic, the supporting characters actually have personalities & wit, & the tumultuous romance between Jemmie & Crowe is really entertaining.

I loved the fact that there was more than one kind of magic, it felt like all the motorcycle gangs had a deeper connection to each other based off of sharing the same power. As for supporting characters Alex, Hardy, & Flynn are some of my absolute faves. Alex is Crowe’s sister, Jemmie’s best friend, & a precious little sweetheart. Hardy & Flynn are just absolute nutters and they’re hilarious with every line. I love when there’s more than just a few main characters & no one fades to the background. That really builds the whole world up for me. & Finally our two lovebirds and their insane banter. Even though nothing really happens between them in this book Jemmie & Crowe have arguing and shouting at each other perfected. They really get on each others nerves and I have to say it’s very entertaining.

Now onto the stuff I didn’t like…

The not so great:

Jemmie’s rise to mastering her power didn’t make much sense to me. For the first half of the book she struggles with anything simple & somewhere along the way she uses it like it’s a part of her. I can’t find where she starts to use it more or really feel connected to it, she just goes from one chapter not feeling any power to the next chapter suddenly knowing all about it. It felt disconnected and it just didn’t make sense to me.

I just want to say I really like Jemmie & Crowe, they’re both great characters with plenty of flaws & I feel like they really fit together in a great way. However… I could’ve done without Jemmie’s incessant whining about why Crowe didn’t do this or why Crowe hasn’t said that. It gets a little grating & I found myself skipping over those sections where she’s obsessing over him. I get it, it’s a teenage romance, but geez it gets receptive fast.

Finally I just left the book wishing for a little more. The mystery was interesting, the characters were fantastic, but the execution left me wanting more. There are definite lulls in the book where the action dies down. Even though our heroes are on a mission to solve this grand mystery they don’t really rush to find out who until the very end. The pacing in the middle after Jemmie finds her powers really slows & I just wish there was more action or events there.

So “Devils & Thieves” is a book with a really really cool premise, a great blend of contemporary and fantasy, & a set of wonderful characters. However the book can be slow and a little hard to get through at times. I’d say pick it up & give it a shot, it’s definitely worth the read just for the world itself.


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