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Book Review: Sammy Keyes and the Showdown in Sin City

From the moment the series revealed Lana and Warren were communicating on the down low, I knew this would happen. Sammy would have to race against time to stop Lana and Warren from walking down the aisle. I also expected that her efforts would be successful. After all, why would Wendelin make Sammy and Casey a couple if they were to become stepsister and brother? What I did not expect the details of the end of the Lana and Warren relationship. Despite the continuous references to Sammy’s unknown father, I never thought we would meet him. But in this book, we did meet him. And it was a better reveal than I ever would have guessed on my own.

The Summary

Casey reveals that Lana and Warren are headed to Vegas…and Warren bought a ring. Sammy, using well-earned reward money from the previous book, books a last minute airline trip to Las Vegas at the same time as Marissa and her mother, as they travel to Vegas to bail Marissa’s gambling father out of trouble. While using the help of an Elvis impersonator and after declaring a temporary truce with Heather and Candi Acosta, Sammy roams Vegas in search of the bride and groom to be.

The Analysis

Two amazing things happen in this book. First, and most importantly, we meet Sammy’s father. Her famous father. The second amazing thing is the resolution of the Acosta drama.

Sammy teaming up with Heather and Candi was doomed at first. The initial partnership was tense and dramatic. The three roamed Vegas after receiving tips from Sammy’s Elvis friend. Though Sammy set up a code word with her informant, Heather and Candi somehow break the code, and consequently ditch her. The partnership even ends with a near parking garage car accident! When this happened, I thought for sure we wouldn’t see the Acostas again.

So when Sammy bumps into Candi hours later, and has an emotional, honest heart-to-heart with her…I knew this book had to be going in an unexpected direction. Soon after her talk with Candi, a red hering unveals itself. Warren is at the airport, spurned by Sammy’s mother. The whole day Sammy and the Acostas were tailing Lana, but not Warren. Candi goes to the airport, and leaves Heather and Sammy behind, to team up for a showdown against Sammy’s mother.

The girls break into the backstage area of the House of Blues. And, as Sammy watches the man they tailed all day take the stage (the one in the fringe jacket), she solves the unspoken mystery of the whole series.

Sammy and Casey need a new song. Why? The singer behind that song is Sammy’s father.

We might get resolution with the Acosta’s, and we might finally know the story behind Sammy’s birth, but whether or not Sammy will develop a positive relationship with her newly discovered father is left hanging at the end of this book. Showdown in Sin City and Killer Cruise more or less function as a two-parter. In part one, Sammy meets her father. In part two, Sammy gets to know (and love) her father.

It’s a series resolution I never saw coming.

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