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The Arsonist

I don’t think I knew what I was getting into when I started this book. I knew it had three POV’s, I knew there was something to do with fire, and I knew it might have a sad ending… But I wasn’t prepared for the depth and realness of this book. The plot is so interwoven, the characters are so complex, & the mystery is just brilliant.

The Summary

I’m going to summarize the main characters instead of the story, I want to leave everything that happens a mystery & let the book carry it’s own.

Molly Mavity is the daughter of the Arsonist, her father has committed terrible crimes and is sentenced to die on death row. Her mother committed suicide several years ago but Molly still thinks her mother is out there somewhere just waiting for her. Molly is definitely an outsider. She doesn’t bother trying to fit it, she just wants to be herself and if that means living the loner life so be it. Molly is so head strong and curious about everything & she goes to great lengths to find the answers she’s looking for.

Pepper is just an adorable sweetheart. His POV comes through a series of essays he has to write in order to graduate high school. Pepper lives with his father after they moved to the US from Kuwait, where his mother died after giving birth to him. He is epileptic and has a seizure dog called Bertrand, who is really pretty useless at everything, but he’s still great four-legged friend. Pepper’s life changes when Molly comes barging into it, but I’ll leave it a mystery whether it’s for the best or not.

Ava Dreyman is the third POV through her diary entries. Ava is a young girl living in East Berlin during the 1980s and she has constant strifes with her family, her love, and of course the government. Her diary entries are interesting and informative & they beg the reader to find out the connection between her and Molly & Pepper. The diary entries alone have their own mystery and allure, but they do fit into the book somehow. 

The Analysis

I’m handing The Arsonist 8/10 fire extinguishers. It was such a great read about friendship and loss, it really is a stunning book.

In The Arsonist you read from three different perspectives. They’re honestly all such great main characters I can’t pick a favourite! Molly is so perceptive, Pepper is undeniably funny & Ava is so relatable with her struggles.  The central mystery is something I couldn’t’t get my mind off of. Ava’s mysterious death is easy to put together, but it was still very entertaining, even though I predicted it far in advance.

This is such a gorgeous story of friendship and young people finding themselves through struggle. It’s a great read for anyone who wants a mystery along with laughter and some great characters too.

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