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Book Review: Gemina

Though I certainly liked Gemina, it wasn’t quite as amazing as the first book in the series, Illuminae. One thing does go majorly in Gemina‘s favor, however: it is one of few books/movies I’ve encountered with a multiverse element that didn’t confuse me. And no, I don’t consider saying this book has a multiverse plot as a spoiler. If anything, I’ve helped you become more attentive to what may happen in this book…

The Summary

Gemina picks up right where Illuminae leaves off, though on a different location. This time we follow the story of Hanna and Nik on the jump station Heimdall. A BeiTech crew attacks the station, leaving Hanna and Nik two of few people left to defend the station. And, as you probably remember from Illuminae, Kady & Eli and the Hypatia are heading right toward Heimdall…

The Analysis

Hanna & Nik are the biggest reason I didn’t like Gemina as much as its predecessor. Not that I disliked them, because I did like them. It’s just that having a princess-y type with a criminal bad boy type is such an overdone trope. It didn’t feel any different than any other YA book with a bad boy type thrown into the romance. I liked Katy and Eli so much more because they felt normal. Hanna and Nik were exactly the people you expect to find in a YA series, and it made the story a little less enjoyable.

Another complaint is that the series is primarily showing the past…the events of Illuminae and Gemina happened long before we got to read them. The present, however, and how it is presented in the series, is usually confusing. As much fun as reading these books are, I don’t quite get the book universe’s reason for these compilations to exist. I don’t know. Hopefully the third (and I think final?) book will shed more light on the present.

Complaints aside, this book was still great fun and sometimes terrifying to read. Instead of the plague of the last book, we had a more horrific threat: freakish snake-type parasites created from trying to harvest drugs from cow brains. Sounds pretty weird when I say it out loud, right?

Instead of an AI antagonist, we have a BeiTech strike team for the protagonists to fight against. And just because AIDAN isn’t a main part of the story doesn’t mean he fails to make an appearance…

Gemina may not be as strong as the first book, but it does a great job building off its events. The stakes truly feel dire in this series, and that is something I appreciate. Here’s hoping Obsidio is as good as the first two.

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