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A Court of Mist and Fury

This is the second book in the Court of Thorns and Roses series & it’s a game changer. In A Court of Mist and Fury we’re introduced to new characters, a new love interest, & the looming enemy finally gets an introduction. We see a more in depth look at the fae lands, learn about the old wars & start to understand why there is so much tension between the two races. Oh, and with all of this new information comes a riveting end where emotions run wild & you might’ve guessed it, I cried again

The Summary:

I’m going to be honest here, there’s so many moments and quotes I want to share with you all, but to keep it spoiler free I’ll restrain myself. I’m just going to keep this short & simple, even though it’s really difficult not to gush about how well Mrs. Maas did with this book.

Feyre has just survived the underground torture from Amarantha, with more mental scars than physical ones. With her love, Tamlin, it’s time for her to recooperate, to enjoy the restful life she deserves after saving most of the fae world… or is it?

From here a lot happens, and most of it is a good thing. Feyre is discovering her new abilities and powers as a human turned faerie, and she’s also discovering how she feels about her place in this new world. However Feyre is suffering. She’s not fully herself after leaving Amarantha behind. At that cave a human girl with a love larger than herself walked in… but what came out? Maybe the better question is to not to ask what, but WHO came out of that cave, and what did she bring with her?

New experiences bring about new faces, all who have their own baggage and issues. In this rag-tag group they all have overcome some of life’s most challenging trials and come out better on the other side. They fit together like puzzle pieces, if those puzzle pieces had some torn edges and came with more than a few witty comebacks.

And at the end, well I won’t spoil anything, but you should prepare for a few tense moments. Here we come face to face with an enemy so vile and cruel, he would have an actual chance at winning a “Who’s hated more” contest between Joffrey and Umbridge. (if you don’t get these references you’re missing out on life)

The Analysis:

I’m giving ACOMAF a solid 10/10. There wasn’t one point in this book I didn’t like or felt didn’t belong. Mrs. Maas layers the plots so well it’s hard to find any fault in the characters or scenes. The conversations are flawless, the character development is riveting, and the descriptions of the courts and landscapes are just stunning. This book is a perfect testament to the phrase “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

I’d just like to commend Mrs. Maas on creating characters that have flaws and issues, but still come off as some of the strongest people in this book. They’re not ashamed of what they’ve been through, they openly talk about their struggles and how they work on them day by day. Because that’s the truth behind any difficult situation; you can’t wave a magic wand and have it all go away without a trace. Tough times leave a few scars, whether they’re physical or mental, and they take some healing before normalcy can return. Here these characters bond over these struggles and build each other up together, especially the Illyrian trio.

Feyre’s transformation is the reason why I think I love this book as much as I do. To me Feyre’s story represents so much more than just overcoming some bad nightmares. Feyre has to deal with what she committed in that cave, and at first she shuts down & stops caring about everything around her. But through determination & with a little help from her new found friends she not only survives it, she stays herself. She doesn’t just survive to become some emotionless husk, because what would be the point in that? No, Feyre overcomes her guilt and fear and still has the capacity to love and care for others as fiercely as she did before those trials. Her heart never disappears or shrinks & she’s strong enough to stay true to who she is.

2 thoughts on “A Court of Mist and Fury

  1. I’m so in love with this book! I read this series earlier this year and 6 months later I still can’t stop thinking about this book. I thought the first one was incredible and it was impossible that the second book was better. I was so wrong, because the second one IS so much better!
    I absolutely agree with you that Feyre’s transformation is one of this best parts in this book.
    Great review! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so happy you enjoyed the review and the book of course 🙂
      I really think this series will always be near and dear to my heart, it’s just something I can read time an time again & never get bored with 🙂


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