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Book Review: Pride and Prejudice

It’s confession time: before now, I had never before read Pride and Prejudice. I’ve seen and read many adaptations…the BBC version, the Keira Knightley version, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (book and YouTube series), Austenland (book and movie), Bridget Jones’s Diary (book and movie), Lost in Austen…and probably more beyond what is listed here.

For my entire life I’ve heard praise for the book. I worried Pride and Prejudice couldn’t be as good as I hoped. I was wrong.

The book is a DELIGHT.

The Summary:

If you found your way to my mostly YA centric and fangirl-y book review blog, chances are you are familiar with Pride and Prejudice. Actually, you would probably be familiar with it either way because Pride and Prejudice is one of the most praised classics of all time.

My Reaction:

I knew what would happen, yet experienced surprising moments. It genuinely made me laugh, which is a rarity in reading–I may laugh a lot when watching movies or TV, but not so much when reading.

The romance is damn good. Darcy and Elizabeth are deeply intimate on an emotional and intellectual level, even before the romantic feelings are mutual. It’s difficult to think of a fictional couple more aptly suited to each other than these two.

And, of course, Elizabeth is awesome for a woman of her time. She’s snarky and stubborn, and doesn’t do anything just because it’s expected of her. For the 1800s, that was revolutionary. In the 2000s, it remains fresh and inspiring.

The book far exceded hype and expectations. There is so much praise I could give, but somewhere, somehow, it’s already been written. This one will definitely be part of my “must re-read repeatedly” list.

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