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Title Reveal: Throne of Glass series

The title of the Chaol novella-turned-book six of the Throne of Glass series is here! With that comes so many questions:

  • Does a book without Aelin mean a cover without Aelin?
  • What tower?
  • Is dawn a time of day or something else?
  • Will Tower of Dawn end where Empire of Storms ends?
  • Will Tower of Dawn go beyond Empire of Storms?
  • Why can’t I remember anything about Queen of Shadows?
  • Will Sarah make up for the destructive things she did to Chaol to make way for the Rowan/Aelin ship? (For Rowan fans: no, I don’t hate him. As of Empire of Storms I changed my ship.)
  • Does making a separate book for Chaol mean Sarah heard my thoughts about how I thought Manon’s story would have been better if it had been its own separate book before Empire of Storms was published?
  • Will I ever stop wishing for a re-publication of the series where Manon’s story before Empire of Storms is it’s own book?
  • Would I buy that republication? (…yes)
  • Can September come immediately????? (…no)

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